Tour Xavage All Inclusive Unlimited

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The tour with the basic Xavage activities plus the four intense activities unlimited. In Xavage you will discover how wild you can get with the most intense activities of Cancun and Riviera Maya, in a park that allows you to decide your level of audacity and choose the experiences that best suit you.
Add and combine the activities of the park to have a day as extreme as you want: on water, on land or in the air.

The included activities are:
- Crocodile = Adventure in kayak. Row on a kayak in a fun tour that takes you to ride a tropical river.
- Howler Monkey = Challenge in the heights. Test your skill to climb and move between the treetops, in a circuit of ropes suspended in the air at different heights, where you will use your strength, balance and coordination.
- Xorros y Caxorros = The little ones also have their wild side and in Xavage they can free it in an environment designed for them. All children from 5 to 12 years of age will have fun on slides, bridges, dollies and a wading pool.
+ THE FOUR INTENSE ACTIVITIES as many times as you want:
- Dragonfly = Aquatic Jet. Glide at high speed in a fast boat piloted by an expert captain that will give a new meaning to "unpredictable": 360° turns, changes of direction, speed increases. You will never know what is next.
- Barracuda = Indomitable rapids. Descend on a raft down a fast riverbed and tame the strong currents that will test your resistance, coordination and teamwork.
- Hawk = Flight of the falcon. Extend your wings and fly the air in a horizontal position on a zip line that leads you to show that flying is in your nature.
- Puma = Off-road route. Take the wheel of an all-road vehicle and decide on the best way to overcome the challenges of an obstacle course.

Availability: Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. at 5:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays during Regular Season.
Seasons 2020: *High (04/05-04/18 + 07/19-08/16 + 01/03/2021), *Regular (Rest of the year)

This tour includes:
- Luxury roundtrip transportation,
- admission to the Xavage park,
- Sanitary, changing rooms, showers and lockers.
- Buffet and drinks,
- Security equipments for all activities.
- unlimited Basic Activities,
- the Four intense activities unlimited,
- Other services (WiFi, ATM and shops with additional cost)

Not included:
- Towel
- Sunscreen,
- Insect repellent,
- Photos,

- In Xorros Y Caxorros children must be supervised by their parents at all times, have a maximum age of 12 years and a minimum of 5 years
- The activities Monkey, Hawk, DragonFly, Barracuda, Puma have limited access by maximum weight of 300lbs (136 kg) and minimum height of  4" (1.20 m)
- Crocodile activity has no weight or height limitations
- The activities are not recommended for pregnant women, nor for people suffering from acrophobia, epilepsy, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, or with neck and / or back problems; with recent surgeries or some cardiac history.

Technical details of the activities

- Kayaks for one or two people.
- The route is 950 m. (more than 1/2 mile)
- Duration of 30 min
- The use of a lifejacket and a safety helmet is mandatory.

- Circuit of 240 m. (800 feet)
- Total duration 35 min
- The use of helmet and harness is mandatory at all times.

- Tour of 400 m. (1/4 mile)
- Height of the zip line: 20 m. (60 feet)
- Total duration 12 min
- The use of helmet and harness is mandatory at all times.

- 4.15 km route. (2 1/2 miles)
- Total duration 35 min
- Maximum speed: 85 km / h. (53 m/h)
- Capacity of the boat: 12 people.
- The use of a lifejacket and a safety helmet is mandatory.

- 600 m route (1/3 mile)
- Total duration 35 mn
- Capacity of the raft: 6 people.
- The use of a lifejacket and a safety helmet is mandatory.

- Tour in an obstacle course (1 mile).
- Total duration 25 mn
- Vehicle capacity: 2 people.
- The use of helmet and safety belt is mandatory at all times.
- It is mandatory to present a driver's license and the use of shoes to carry out this activity.

Additional Information / Recommendations: Minimum age recommended is 5 + see corresponding tab

Wear beachwear, swimsuits, sandals or water shoes, sunglasses and a hat or cap. Take a sunscreen and a biodegradable insect repellent, a camera, extra clothes and extra money for souvenirs or personal expenses. Some activities have medical (pregnant women, people with heart problems, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, hypertension or claustrophobia) and age restrictions.

Additional information:
- Only biodegradable sunscreen is allowed inside the park.
- Children price is for children between 5 and 11 years old on presentation of an official ID. If no ID at the park's entrance, height must be between 3"3 and 4"7 to be granted the children fare.

- Children under 4 accompany their parents for free on this tour, but they are not guaranteed to have their own seat in the transportation and may have to travel on their parents knees. If a seat is requested for infants under 4, they shall pay a transportation fee when booking.

- Some activities are available at an additional cost (snorkeling tour, swimming with dolphins, spa, snuba, shark interaction, among others).
- Within the park you may rent wheelchair (300 pesos x day) or scooter (700 pesos x day) if needed. Prices may change without notice.

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