Terms & Conditions

We translate our materials into other languages to help people with limited Spanish skills. If there are differences between Spanish and another language, the Spanish version is the only official version.

You state that you have read our mediation contract https://www.vacacionandocancun.com/InfoLegales/mencionlegal-en which you accept; thus, as the terms and conditions presented below applicable our online store https://www.vacacionandocancun.com/tours/:

- It is the client's responsibility to demonstrate and prove that he/she complies with the price and/or discount conditions, whether by nationality, age, etc.., and must issue all the necessary documentation that the final service provider may require.

- The client chooses the date of the activity and is the one who must corroborate that the selected date complies with all the options and conditions of the activity and rate; either by season, opening days, holidays, etc ... In case you need a change of date, you may be subject to a change in the rate of the activity; if the rate is lower, the agency will only reimburse the surplus and if it is higher, the client must pay the difference to confirm the reservation.

- Every purchase in this online store has 2 steps: the first step is the purchase of the activity and the confirmation of your payment from Vacacionando Cancun. The second is the reception in your email of the confirmation of the tour reservation from Vacacionando Cancun and/or the final service provider.

- In the event that the final service provider modifies the price before the reservation confirmation, Vacacionando Cancun get the right to obtain payment for the price difference from the client in order to confirm the reservation.

- In case of deposit, the client must complete the payment with a minimum of 7 days prior to the date of the activity, if not the client has request a change of a futher date until 1 day before the date of the concerned activity. Otherwise, the client looses its deposit.

- In case of changes on activity date or pick-up time by the final service provider, Vacacionando Cancun will have up to 12 hours before the activity to inform the customer about the change.